Google Cheat Sheet Hints and Explanations

Cheat 1 – Search for an exact word or phrase: Using quotation marks ( the button to the left of “ENTER” ). What this does is that it tells the search engine that you are looking for one thing specifically. How this works is that “google” or other search engine look for webpages which have that statement that you looked up in a variety of websites like Wikipedia, and show the most visited websites at the top and least visited at the bottom.

Hint: Only use when using precise phrase other wise you may be excluding important information.

Cheat2– If one word has two meanings: What you could do is type in the minus key (to the left of the plus key) and type in a word you don’t want to see. eg. (football) – soccer, what this will do is stop all the soccer results from popping up for your football results. What this will do is that it will tell your search engine your don’t want european football (soccer) and only want american football.

Hint: You can also exclude websites using this tactic.

Cheat3 – Search for number ranges: what this does is that it will tell your search engine that you want things in this number range which is helpful for those penny pinchers out their. The way this works is that you put down the lowest price you want to the highest with 2 dots in the middle. eg. car 10,000. .15,000.

Hint: You can also use this to search up dates.


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